Mechanical Seals Repairs
Mechanical Seal repair is available on all seal manufacturers, A failure analysis is performed on every seal to determine why the seal failed. We will always make any necessary suggestions that will lead to increased seal life during or before mechanical seal repair.

All Seal Components are completely cleaned, measured, pressure tested and inspected by the engineering department to determine which parts can be re-used or require replacement.

Seal faces are lapped with industry standards on lapping machine within our controlled lapping room.

Re-Conditioning Procedure
Chemical Cleaning and Ultrasonic Cleaning of all Hardwares, Stationary Seal Surface Grinding, Lapping and New Gasket, Rotary Seal Face change V-Rings and Back-up rings. Seal Face Lapping to one light band.
We identify and recondition damages in cartridge seals and restore the seal back to working condition.

To ensure leakage free Mechanical seal, its faces should be properly lapped and polished. We provide extra attention on this aspect as life of Seal is depending greatly on lapping and polishing.We use best grade of lapping compound and oils to ensure better finishing of surfaces. Flatness of faces are checked for 1-2 light band under Helium Monochromatic Light Source under optical instrument. Lapping is very critical process, hence wide experience and knowledge is required.

Technical Support
Our knowledgeable staff can guide you through any seal issues you may have.
We have many years of experience in troubleshooting mechanical seal failures. We can supply comprehensive failure reports on any failed seals such as mechanical seal,carbon seal,etc. including digital pictures to point out the damaged areas.We can help you to recondition seals or repair them if possible.

We believe strongly that trained person cause less problems to client as well as vendor.We train our people in workshop & at site to do trouble-shooting. We also train client’s staff by imparting knowledge of Mechanical Seals in the form of personal discussions, seminars & demonstrations .

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